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Google Now, Hangouts feel here, there and everywhere

Matt Hamblen | May 20, 2013
Google this week unleashed a blizzard of updates and improvements that fundamentally change -- and radically improve -- how we get information and communicate.

In fact, the whole history of your conversations with each person or each group of people will go back for months and even years if you never delete them. Theoretically, conversations never end unless you actively delete them. (If you choose to delete the conversation, it's deleted across all devices.)

Hangouts can send a copy of conversations to your Gmail in-box. You can re-ignite the conversation from the Gmail message.

Hangouts has many of these tiny features that add up to a communications medium that just feels different. If your experience with Hangouts is like mine, it will fundamentally change how you communicate with people. You will feel more connected, because your conversations are always there with you no matter what.

The only glaring flaw in Hangouts is the lack of SMS support, but Google says that's coming in the future.

Google's announcements this week for both getting information and communicating with people add up to a new relationship with our devices, our information and our family and friends.

With Google's latest offerings, these connections have a new feeling of ever-presence to them -- an ambience, an awareness and an immediacy that didn't used to exist.

I think this is what the future feels like.


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