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Google Reader is dead, but Feedly will help you love again

Evan Dashevsky | July 2, 2013
Google Readers is RIP on July 1, but after extended test runs with various Reader competitors we've found the perfect replacement in Feedly.

Moving to Feedly
To be sure, Feedly will feel strange at first if you're accustomed to Reader. But once you've ha time to adjust, you'll wonder why you stuck with that old product for as long as you did.

Feedly makes no secret of wanting to attract former Google Reader users to its product, and its designers have made the Reader-to-Feedly transition process easy.

At (which redirects from, the site prompts you to log in via the One-click Google Reader Import button or the Login button, both of which seem to set visitors on the same path. Once you give it permission to access your Google Reader account, Feedly will move all of your existing Reader feeds and subfolders into the Feedly ecosystem intact. Bam. Done.

You can use the credentials from an existing Google account to create a new Feedly account, regardless of whether you've used Reader. Actually, you must have a Google account to sign up for Feedly. If you don't have one, Feedly prompts you to create one. A rep from Feedly commented that users will soon be able to sign in with a stand-alone account or via another site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

(The rep also said that Feedly has no formal relationship with Google, and that Google hasn't endorsed Feedly as a good replacement for Reader. Nevertheless, he said, "Feedly has received support from a lot of groups within Google that helped ease the transition, including the Chrome, Android, Google+, and operation groups.")

In case you find yourself homesick for Reader, Feedly has created a Reader-like 'Title View', which you can access by clicking the four horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner. But once you get settled in your new home, take a moment to explore non-Reader views such as Magazine and Cards, which are particularly useful in the mobile environment.

The Feedly iOS and Android apps help you spread your news-reading experience across the various screens in your life.

Life after Reader
For years, I relied on Reader as the best organizational tool for my favorite Web content (226 feeds at last count). And like most members of #TeamReader, I was upset that Google had decided to toss the product in its latest round of "spring cleaning." Reader and I have been through a lot together: presidential elections, unexpected celebrity deaths, and a vast wasteland of ill-gotten click bait.

But once I began exploring other options, it became clear--as it does after any necessary break-up--that my reliance on Reader had less to do with its inherent qualities than with the inertia of maintaining a comfortable routine.


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