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Hands-on: The ZenWatch 2 almost convinces me to wear a smartwatch every day

Florence Ion | Sept. 4, 2015
It'd be nearly perfect if it weren't for the Asus bloatware.

It’s pretty Zen

zenwatch2 9441 
Sigh. Still. It’s a really pretty watch.  Credit: Florence Ion

I know I’ve gone on about how great the ZenWatch 2 looks and how I’d pair it with every outfit in my closet, but that wasn’t my favorite part of the device. My favorite part is its fast charging capabilities. Since reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S6, I no longer have the patience to wait for a phone to charge. Fast charging is a necessity with the way smartwatch batteries act these days, and though they’re getting better over time, it’s nice to have the option to charge the device enough to give it a bump halfway through the day. I’m just hoping the existence of this particular feature doesn’t keep Asus, or other manufacturers, from improving watch battery efficiency. 

I still need to experience what the ZenWatch 2 feels like to wear for a week before settling on my opinion of it. I tend to fall in love with a smartwatch the minute I lay eyes on it and then change my mind about it after wearing it for a while. (That’s how I do clothes shopping, too. I am the worst.) I’m not an every day watch-wearer, so I need to be convinced that an Android Wear device is worth donning on my wrist every day. Maybe the ZenWatch 2 can convince me of that.


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