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Hands on with Apple's 'Move to iOS' Android app

Derek Walter | Sept. 21, 2015
Apple's first Android app makes it relatively painless to transfer you data to an iPhone or iPad.

Once this step is over, you’re ready to start using your iPhone. Apple even includes a friendly offer to recycle your Android device for you. Pro tip: you’re better off selling it to a third party or using a service like Gazelle to recover some cash. There’s a big market for used smartphones, so there’s no reason to just hand it over to Apple.

Is this the best way to switch to iPhone? 

If you’re new to the iPhone, it’s a pretty solid way to move your content over and get up and running quickly. However, it’s worth noting there are plenty of other alternatives through the App Store that support your favorite service. For example, you can always install Google’s apps if you want to keep using the company’s cloud, especially the rather excellent Google Photos, Google search app, and Inbox.

Microsoft is also all-in with iOS, so you can explore using Outlook or the OneDrive app if that’s the digital home where you reside. Yes, iOS is often called a “walled garden.” But walled gardens tend to be pretty nice places, and all major cloud providers have set up shop to serve you with their own applications. 

Apps still tend to launch first in the App Store, and even Google and Microsoft often roll out their services at the same time as their own platforms. So you have plenty of what that a lot of Apple critics claim the company doesn’t offer: choice.


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