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Hands-on with Maps in El Capitan: Public transportation gets front and center

Peter Cohen | Aug. 4, 2015
If you want to use your Mac to find your local bus or train schedule, El Capitan can help. The Maps app Apple includes with El Capitan includes transit directions for major cities, just like iOS 9. Maps came to OS X with the release of Mavericks in 2013. At the time and since then, Apple hasn't had public transportation directions available in the Maps app, either for Mac or for iOS.

Maps in El Capitan provides some big improvements for public transportation riders. Its limited rollout will frustrate those Mac users in cities not serviced at launch, however, and there are quite a few of them in North America alone--Europe is even more lacking. With 300 cities getting transit details, China hits the Maps home run--thanks to predictable schedules, better central planning, and a burgeoning population of Apple enthusiasts. Hopefully, Apple will be able to fill the gap for the rest of us before too long.


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