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Helping Asian companies into the 'limitless network': Brocade

AvantiKumar | Sept. 20, 2012
During a visit to Malaysia, Brocade's VP and CMO John McBride discusses how the company is helping Asia-based companies into 'the limitless global network'.

John McHugh - Brocade modified

PHOTO - John McHugh, VP & CMO, Brocade Networks.


Among fabric networking solutions provider Brocade's objectives during its announcements at its recent Technology Day in the US was to point to its 100G Ethernet supremacy as well as to emphasise the need for companies to be aware of the business importance of coping with the significant increase in data traffic in their networks.

Speaking in Kuala Lumpur on 14 September 2012, Brocade Networks vice president and chief marketing officer, John McHugh, said: "Massive increases in data traffic - driven by video, mobile devices and the cloud - have changed network traffic characteristics, creating the need for new network architectures from data centres to the service provider core."

"Global traffic is set to increase 12x by 2015, according to some industry sources," said McHugh. "However, though many data centres have started their evolutionary process, their processes and configurations are the same as they were three years ago. Akamai's network now has to respond to almost two trillion requests per day with 300,000 hours of content every minute, Amazon Web Services hosts more than 900 billion objects, and 84 percent of all new net-software is SaaS-based [software-as-a-service based]."

He said that this placed increasing pressure on network operators to scale their networks and manage increasing complexity with the need for more routers, more subnets and massive dynamic flows.

The main purpose of his tour in Asia, in conjunction with the global announcement, was to help increase awareness in the region, said McHugh. "Brocade has 700 customers using VCS [virtual cluster switching] fabric technology solutions who needed the flexibility of being able to scale rapidly. Indeed, the three needs for scalability, 'hot' firmware upgrading, and 40GbE [Gigabit Ethernet] are met by the new VDX 8770 switch, which can offer up to 8000 ports, and 384,000 virtual machines."

"Data centre operators in Asia, in common with their counterparts around the world, are looking for strategic uses that give business and operational flexibility rather just for specific purposes," he said. "Many networks during adoption especially want to start small and grow by adding capacity without having to rip and replace. Brocade now offers the industry's broadest Ethernet fabric portfolio with VCS fabric scalability from 48 to 8000 ports."

"Though Malaysia, like many other Asian countries, is still in the education phase, there have been signs of traction for Brocade's fabric solutions," said Brocade Malaysia country manager, Sean Ong. "During the last several months there has been in increase in proof of concept requests by potential customers in Malaysia, especially from government, education and service provider sectors.

 Support for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

"Competing solutions are optimised for high-end or low-end - not both," ' he said, adding that the new solutions announced in the US on 14 September also support software-defined networking (SDN), which is gaining more support from network operators, said McHugh. "With support for OpenFlow in Hybrid Mode, the 10 GbE and 100 GbE Brocade MLXe solutions integrate with existing networks to enable SDN together with traditional networking capabilities."

"ICT will continue to evolve and change rapidly," he said. "Mission critical networks that are open and truly scalable are in the best position to realise the most ROIs [returns on investment] in the short as well as long term. The power of a fabric infrastructure is incremental: you can add capacity to the fabric with a single device. Asian network operators have started with entry level solutions and are on the journey."


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