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Here's a to-do list for Comcast's first 'customer experience' exec

Mark Hachman | Sept. 29, 2014
As Comcast tries to convince legislators to approve its merger with Time-Warner cable, it appoints a senior executive to overhaul its customer experience.

5.) A la carte pricing. Yes, yes, YES. Comcast gives me 500 channels, give or take. I watch...maybe eight? But they happen to be PBS, the networks, ESPN, the local A's channel, HBO, and an occasional foray to SyFy and parts unknown. That's it. That's the true test. I know, ESPN charges cable companies on the order of $7 or so per household. But here, customer service meets capitalism: keep prices high, and ESPN subscribers will drop. And that, in turn will force ESPN to lower prices to satisfy their advertisers. Lean on HBO to provide a la carte pricing as well.

6.) Unblock the apps. Personally, I'd like the FCC to step in and prevent the Time-Warner Cable merger simply because Comcast blocks the HBO Go app from running on my PlayStation, and forces me to use their lousy cable box UI instead. The polite way to describe this is "petty", and I'm sure you can think of some other adjectives here.

The ball's in your court, Comcast. If you want to improve your customer experience, you better get busy.


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