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How ADP and Facebook battle bad e-mail

Ellen Messmer | Feb. 7, 2013
ADP and Facebook use DMARC seen by both as a way to fight phishing attacks.

"This gives us information to try and shut down phishing operations," Adkins says. So-called "takedown vendors" which Adkins declined to specify work on behalf of Facebook around the world to get in touch with hosting providers, for example, that are hosting any identified phishing pages.

Unfortunately, many of these phishing pages have been inserted into legitimate web sites owned by unwary businesses, sometimes by hacking these business servers. However, there are also dedicated servers for phishing, too.

Some hosting providers are more responsive than others and move quickly to remove phishing content, Adkins points out. All in all, DMARC and processes such as phishing takedown efforts are needed in the constant battle to keep the billions of phishing e-mail messages circulating out of the mailboxes of their intended targets.


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