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How Might & Magic X: Legacy is bringing back old school RPGing

Patrick Budmar | April 23, 2013
We talk to Ubisoft creative director, Erwan le Breton, about the return of the classic RPG series

EB: There will be no scaling of the monsters depending on your level. We feel it's one of the great pleasures in RPGs to become a demi-god and then return to those Cyclopes and teach them a lesson. However, as you progress through the main story some new creatures and monsters may appear in some areas.

Does Might & Magic X have any sci-fi elements as in the older Might & Magic games?

EB: No, there won't be any sci-fi elements in Might & Magic X: Legacy. More accurately, you won't explore spaceships, fight killer robots or wield blasters. This decision is directly tied to the new world called Ashan we created since Might & Magic Heroes V, as those elements are definitely not part of the lore of this world. But it doesn't mean there's no connection to the older games of the series. Actually, if you know the "ancient universe." you should keep your eyes open while exploring the world of Might & Magic X.

Can you tell us more about the three-classes-per-race restriction?

EB: Each race has access to one Might class, one Magic class and what we call a Hybrid class, a class that has access to both Might and Magic skills in "balanced" proportions. Of course, all classes have access to different skills, so for instance, the Human Magic class is different from the Elf Magic class.

How do you control your heroes in a combat? As a whole or individually?

EB: We tested different systems. At first, we reproduced the combat system found in World of Xeen, meaning ranged actions are made by the whole party, and it breaks down into individual actions when in melee combat. This is the system found in the current demos. After playing the PAX demo several times, we noticed the World of Xeen system felt weird and didn't allow us to micro-manage our party. So we started thinking about switching it to individual actions, all the time. Finally during PAX, a lot of players that tried the demo found this system confusing, even veterans of the old Might & Magic games, so we're confident we should proceed with this change.

Is there going to be a map editor?

EB: Yes, there is going to be a map editor. We consider this tool as being one of the major features of the title, as our fans love to mod our games and create new content for other players. Basically, the tools we're using to develop the game will be released and available for all players. We'll talk about this topic later, providing more details and also demonstrating what can be done.


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