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How Smart Wi-Fi Improves Wireless Network Performance

Paul Rubens | Jan. 3, 2013
If poor Wi-Fi performance in your busy office is a problem for your organization, smart Wi-Fi is worth investigating. Here's why one company ripped out it Cisco wireless network gear and went with a new hardware-and-software-based Wi-Fi approach.

Guy DePuy, an analyst at Dell'Oro Group, says smart Wi-Fi technology such as Ruckus' and Aruba's does appear to work well, providing high performance WLAN connectivity.

DePuy's one reservation for enterprises is not the technology itself, but rather how practical it is to manage it in an enterprise environment. For example, Ruckus offers a management system for its ZoneFlex equipment called FlexMaster, but DePuy doubts that this will appeal to enterprises that already have a management system for their wired LAN. "Enterprises have to worry about how they manage access to their WLAN. If they have to manage two networks--wired and wireless--with two control systems, it is going to be difficult, more expensive and less secure."

But smart Wi-Fi is clearly attractive to many organizations: Ruckus, for example, has been steadily winning market share, according to Dell'Oro research, and is now one of the top enterprise WLAN vendors. If poor Wi-Fi performance in a busy office environment is a problem in your organization, smart Wi-Fi may be worth investigating.


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