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How to create awareness of the insider threat

Ira Winkler | April 15, 2014
Snowden causes companies to consider doing what was unthinkable.

The Snowden crimes triggered an interest in organizations to examine what technological controls that they can put in place to stop their own Snowden. Yet much like NSA realized that Snowden's coworkers should have detected his crimes, all organizations must proactively strengthen their non-technical security measures, including especially awareness. Snowden's coworkers should have been able to more effectively detect his actions than any technical countermeasure could have. Therefore, companies that are truly interested in preventing the insider threat should focus on making their employees the primary detectors of insider abuse.

The insider threat is too important a subject to shy away from, no matter how sensitive the implications may be. Unfortunately, history has shown us that the risk is too great.


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