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How to Use an Autoresponder for Small Business Email Marketing

Nathan Segal | Feb. 8, 2013
The best customers come back to buy from you again. Making a list of customers and using an autoresponder to send them emails about sales and other promotions is an easy way to attract repeat business. Learn how to set up an email list and use an autoresponder to stay in touch with that list.

Using double opt-in reduces issues to do with spam complaints, since people knowingly sign up to receive emails from you. While you can use single opt-in-in which the prospect signs up with a form and immediately winds up on your list-I don't recommend it, partly because of those spam issues.

Learn How to Write Great Email Messages

With these steps complete, you can start building a list and emailing customers. When writing messages, it's important to get it right.

Unfortunately, most business owners haven't a clue how to make this work. As copywriter Adil Amarsi puts it, "Many business owners are committing 'list suicide.'"

Amarsi's Copy Conquest , the aforementioned Web Copy That Sells and a recent American Express Open Forum post Why Your Social Media Success Depends on E-mail Marketing are resources that will help you determine what to write and when.

Meanwhile, businesses that already have a mature list should look at Frank Kern's 4-Day Cash Machine. Using this on even a small list can make a business thousands of dollars in four days. However, use this method only once or twice in a short period, then give your list six or more months to recover. Otherwise, you risk damaging your list.

Email marketing is one of the most important business activities that you can undertake to grow your small business. Focusing on building a responsive list of customers who are hungry for your product or service is an important step to ensure the long-term success of your business.


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