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“If a business is not digital, it’s dying”: BMC’s APAC president

Zafirah Salim | Dec. 15, 2014
In this interview, Gavin Selkirk, Regional President, Asia Pacific of BMC Software, explains the rationale behind its new "Living IT" initiative and shares insights on the company's standing on digital transformation, including BMC's future plans, following the company's recent privatisation.

BMC is now very reachable throughout Asia Pacific via Singapore and Sydney. We believe in being as close to our customers as possible, and are looking at recruitment on all levels in this region.

According to Google's recent Consumer Barometer, Asia's dependence on mobile devices is growing, underlined by the many Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Vietnam, where smartphones are the only connected device owned by more than 24 percent of the population. As such, a primary objective for BMC is to accelerate our growth in Asia Pacific. We now have a laser-focus on this region and our customers and partners will soon be feeling that.

Asia is leading in mobility and there are some mobile-first countries that are not trained in legacy thinking in this region, such as Myanmar, and we increasingly find that IT needs to be mobile-first. We believe that we are superbly well placed to help these emerging markets leapfrog old technologies and outdated practices.

Priority investment markets for us over the next few years will definitely be Southeast Asia, India and Korea, but this doesn't mean you won't see us investing elsewhere in the region.

The year is finally coming to an end. How would you sum up BMC's journey in 2014, and what are some things BMC hopes to achieve in the next few years or so?

We have seen a significant increase in the growth of our new business, which grew in the high double digits during the first and second quarters. This is unheard of for a traditional legacy infrastructure software company. We expect this pace of growth to continue as the messages around bimodal IT and bringing IT to life become more understood. We have been in IT service management for some 30 years, and one of our main objectives now is to progress from just product leadership to market share and product leadership.

It's not just growth in terms of revenue - we have commitment from our board and investors to radically increase our investments in research and development. We will continue to increase our investments in R&D significantly next year as we bring new tools and services to the market. We are enjoying the new-founded freedom we have as a private company, giving us the ability to redesign our organisation, invest in R&D and reposition the market.

We are also extremely excited about our new vision and strategy for IT management in the digital economy: Bring IT to Life. We are in the midst of one of the most profound and far-reaching changes in the way digital technology is consumed, deployed and managed. Our mission is to help our customers build the very foundation of modern life and digital business. We believe that IT management is pivotal to the success of any digital transformation and the work IT management teams do has never been more visible or valued. In today's digital economy, IT is increasingly synonymous with the business. At BMC, we believe if a business is not digital, it's dying.


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