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Imagine a workspace without those pesky power cords

Madura McCormack | Oct. 5, 2012
New transmission sheet technology will power devices and provide wireless LAN cordlessly

Your laptop is running out of juice, probably a good time to get some electricity. Why not plug it into nothing.

Wild idea but apparently possible with a new technology that claims to power electronic devices and provide wireless LAN communications through a single sheet of material.

Electronic devices like the laptop will capture electromagnetic waves in the vicinity of the transmission sheet, ultimately receiving wireless charging. The transmission sheet accesses high speed communications using electromagnetic waves and power supplies with a transmission efficiency of more than 25 percent.

However, in order for the device at hand to access these wireless capabilities, it first needs to be fitted with specialised couplers.

The technology was jointly developed in Japan by The University of Tokyo, NEC Corporation (NEC), NEC Engineering, CellCross with the research group from Teijin Limited and support from the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology.

The prevailing technology in transmission sheets had a high rate of electromagnetic wave leakage and according to the statement, recent structural changes in the sheets and couplers have allowed for suppression of electromagnetic waves. The low level of electromagnetic wave emission, which is within guidelines set by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, allows for possible commercialisation of the technology.

In theory, simply placing the transmission sheet on a work desk would provide safe power supply and no interference from other wireless LAN.

Imagine being at a desk with multiple displays, a laptop, lights and other electronic devices all powered without masses of unruly cords.


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