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Improving information security practices at Telekom Malaysia

AvantiKumar | Oct. 4, 2012
EC-Council Academy collaborates with Telekom Malaysia by running information security workshop for the telco's employees.

Wilson Wong- EC Council Academy modified

PHOTO - Wilson Wong, MD, EC-Council Academy.


To raise threat awareness, as well as strengthen security practices, training body EC-Council conducted a workshop for Telekom Malaysia's employees at the Malaysian telco's main office, Menara TM.

More than 300 TM staff from various division around Klang Valley attended the one-day seminar, which included talks on topics related to cyber security including 'Cyber Security Threats and Operational Readiness; the Art of Intrusion; Shielding Your Network; and Security Do's and Don'ts.'

"We are more than happy to collaborate with EC-Council Academy in organising the Cyber Security Seminar," said TM chairman, Datuk Dr Halim Shafie. "I encourage all TM staff to take this opportunity to expand your knowledge on the types of crime being committed via the Internet and learn how to protect yourselves as well as your computers against cyber space threats. Cyber threat comes from a wide range of sources, including the hackers representing a broad range of skills and varying level of sophistication."

Halimsaid cyber crime was now listed as one of the top threats in today's economy. "This is largely contributed to the increased reliance on information and Internet technologies. Everyone is now connected almost 24x7 via their smartphones, tablets, notebooks. This workshop hopes to increase cyber risk awareness by understanding the threats and impact of online activities and gadget usage."

"It's also important to understand that cyber threats are not always external, in many instances breaches happen from the inside. This could be the result of unsafe information and Internet practices," he said. "Eradication of unintentional internal security breaches was also addressed at the workshop."

"Impact from security breaches is more than dollars and cents, which includes loss of customers and reputation. Thus, it is essential for TM staff to increase their knowledge on IT usage, allowing us to take the necessary action and precaution towards mitigating and preventing themselves as well as the organisation from being a cyber victim," said Halim.

"We're pleased to be working with TM for this initiative. Organisations are struggling to keep their company and customers safe from cyber criminals - TM is stepping up by tackling this risk head on," said EC-Council Academy managing director, Wilson Wong.

Company-wide effort

"Most companies rely on firewalls, anti-viruses and IT team - outsourced or in house - to keep company data secured," said Wong.

"Information security should be a company wide effort," he said. "Workshops and training like this are essential in providing the necessary knowledge to stay safe online."


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