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Instagram, Facebook deal sparks privacy and quality concerns: Here's how to quit

Ed Oswald, Matt Peckham, Sarah Jacobsson Purewal and Alex Wawro | April 13, 2012
It's been a rough week for Instagram purists.

Independent iOS developer David Smith says he created his InstaBackup program for removing pictures from Instagram as soon as he heard about the acquisition. "I immediately wanted to have a way to get my photographs off of the service," Smith says. Since Monday 5000 people have downloaded his removal tool. Users of his Instabackup program are a mix of people who want to remove their pics before leaving and people who just want to backup their pics, he says.

How to Quit Instagram

It's a tricky task, getting your photos off of the Instagram servers and onto your hard drive. Here are a few different ways to grab your photos and run (if you so choose):

1. Instaport

Instaport is a free Web service that lets you download your entire Instagram library as a single .zip file. Instaport is an excellent option for grabbing your Instagram images, because it allows you to filter which photos you want to download based on criteria such as when they were shot or what hashtags you tagged them with.

To use Instaport, simply log in with your Instagram credentials, configure how you want to filter your photos, and hit the big green "Start Export" button. You will then be able to download a large zipped archive of your selected photos directly to a local folder. Instaport eventually plans on adding more services, such as exporting Instagram albums to Facebook, Google+, and Flickr.

2. Copygram

Copygram is service that lets anyone sign up for Instagram--even if you don't have an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Copygram also lets users back up their Instagram libraries by downloading their Instagram photos to their hard drive.

To use Copygram as a means of backing up your Instagram library (or taking your files and running), just log in to Copygram (creating an account is free, and you'll need to permit Copygram to access your Instagram account data) and click the big "Backup" button on the top of the screen. On the next screen, you can select how many photos you want to download, and then hit the green "Backup Now!" button. Copygram will email you a link to a zipped archive of your Instagram photos.

3. InstaBackup

InstaBackup is a free Mac app that lets you download your Instagram photos to your hard drive. To use InstaBackup, you must first download the app (available here, and coming soon to the Mac App Store) and login with your Instagram credentials. InstaBackup will then pull your photos from Instagram, and you can save them to your hard drive.

Not sure where to turn, now that you've quit Instagram? Check out Nine Great Android Alternatives to Facebook's Instagram Photo App.


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