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iOS 7 vs Windows Phone 8: which mobile platform is right for you?

Matt Egan | Oct. 3, 2013
We test Windows Phone against iPhone to find out which is best

Double-tapping still lets you switch between apps, but the multitasking interface is completely revamped. There's a thumbnail of each running app displayed above its icon, letting you instantly see what's what, and you now swipe up to close an app.

We like the new (but retro-sounding) ringtones, and the fact that the old ones are kept in a 'classics' folder. If you have custom ringtones, these are also kept.

iOS 7 vs Windows Phone 8: verdict
For us the apps swing it decisively Apple's way. But don't entirely discount WP8. Both platforms are curated and secure. They offer a good-looking environment in which to work and play. And the handsets for both offer guaranteed quality. It's just that objectively and subjectively we prefer iOS 7.


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