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iOS 8 changes we'd like to see: Safari

Dan Frakes | May 26, 2014
Though the mobile version of Safari has improveddramatically over the past couple versions of iOS, we use it so frequently that its flaws, however minor, stand out.


One of our Twitter followers offered a suggestion that we really like: Replace Safari's Back button with a Close Tab button if there is no "back" in the current tab's history (i.e., when you're at the first page in the history). This would alleviate the minor hassle of having to open the tabs view and then close the window.

We'd also like to see Apple bring back the .com button in the Safari keyboard. Under iOS 6 and earlier, tapping this button would immediately type .com in the URL field; tap-holding the button would give you options for .org, .net, .edu, and so on. You can access the same feature in iOS 7 by tap-holding the period (.) button on the Safari keyboard, but relatively few people know this trick — it's just not obvious.

Finally, Mail, Calendar, and Contacts are pretty good about making addresses "live" — you can usually tap an address to open it in the Maps app, an email address to create a new message in Mail, or a phone number to dial the number in the Phone app. But, inexplicably, Safari presents these bits of data as dead text unless the webpage has specifically coded that text as an HTML link. Apple, let's make Safari as smart as the rest of iOS when it comes to addresses and numbers.


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