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iPad 3: Predictions and challenges

Tom Kaneshige | Feb. 7, 2012
iFixit's Kyle Wiens has a darn good track record when it comes to Apple predictions. Here, he opines about the next iPad, foresees broken iPads everywhere, and even hints where post-Steve Jobs innovation might be headed next.

The iPad tends to follow the iPhone; just about everyone expects the next iPad to have Siri. If the iPhone is where innovation happens, how will Apple move the ball forward?

Wiens: In the bigger picture, Apple is full of visionaries, such as Jony Ive. I hear Apple is snapping up developers to work on augmented reality technologies. I can't imagine in 10 years we'll still be carrying around phones in our pocket. We'll have something else, maybe something embedded in our glasses.

I want augmented reality to happen faster, but I think we're still three or four years out. I'm just saying that this technology is going to be the post-Jobs era at Apple, and the question is what company is going to be the first to nail augmented reality.

Will a competitor beat Apple to the punch?

Wiens: What I think is outrageous is, if I were a shareholder of RIM or Samsung, I would ask is it really this hard to build innovation? I'm just shocked at how incompetent some of these companies are.

Look at Samsung, which just released its Galaxy pad and some new phones at CES, and they're running Android 2.3 on them. Samsung has been telling its customers who bought the Galaxy S that they'll be able to upgrade to Android 4. And then they just announced that they're going to leave Galaxy S customers stuck on 2.3.

Why would I buy a phone from Samsung when they completely screwed their customers by not allowing them to upgrade? Right now, the only way would be to buy the Google Nexus phones. Google is making sure that the Galaxy Nexus S is going to be upgradeable.

I don't think [Apple competitors] understand how loyal it makes people when Apple continually pushes out improved functionality to their existing customers.


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