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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 3

John Cox | Jan. 5, 2012
As the New Year approached, iPad 3 rumors gushed like cheap bubbly, and the iOSsphere guzzled.

"If the new iPad had identical components (which is unlikely), it would last more than twice as long per charge than your current one," posted Dylan Love at Business Insider. "But we're expecting plenty of updates to the iPad 3 that might require a larger battery, not the least of which being a retina display."

The enthusiasm for battery + display reignited rumors, around since at least November, that iPad 3 will feature a display based on a new LCD technology announced by Sharp earlier in 2011, using an indium, gallium and zinc oxide, dubbed IGZO. The technology creates a display that uses less power than current popular alternatives, and higher resolution.

iPad 3 due in February, with or without insanely great battery

The other reason we know the Macworld iPad 3 release is wrong is because it's going to be released Feb. 24, which would have been the 57th birthday of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

That's the word from International Business Times, which claimed, but didn't link to, a rumor originating on a Taiwan news site, Economic Daily News (we gave up trying to search EDN even with Google Translate).

"The date has been chosen to honor the company's late co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jobs, who died on Oct. 5," IBT solemnly posted. "Jobs was born on Feb. 24."

This felicitous timing apparently hasn't yet caught up with the folks at Happy Birthday Steve Jobs, a website formed a year ago to wish Jobs a happy 56th. Our favorite: "Be like neverending dream, Steve!"

Even IBT sounded a teensy skeptical: "If a recent report from a Taiwanese newspaper is to be believed...." The website also noted that EDN relied on an "unnamed source." Though that's not actually a problem: IBT has made plentiful use of single unnamed sources for its own rumors.

And IBT liked another rumor from the same source: the Capitalist Running Dogs in charge of Hon Hai Precision Industry have decreed that its iPad assembly division will "be allowed as little as five days of leave during the Chinese New Year season" in February, in order to meet delivery targets. "This is significant because in China most industries usually take at least two weeks of leave during this season," according to IBT.

iPad 3 will have different internal design

As an example of rumor creep, it's hard to beat this recent post at The Boy Genius Report, with the super-cautious headline, "Photos of purported iPad 3 part suggests tweaked internals."

One would think that one wouldn't need photos, purported or otherwise, to conclude that Apple probably will make changes to the internal components and layout of iPad 3. Because if they didn't, we'd end up with a new iPad 2, perhaps the dreaded iPad 2S.


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