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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 3

John Cox | Jan. 5, 2012
As the New Year approached, iPad 3 rumors gushed like cheap bubbly, and the iOSsphere guzzled.

Yet, oddly, the new information in Todd Haselton's BGR post suggests that - with regard to the purported iPad part in question - there actually will be no changes because the photos "suggest that the tablet will continue to use Apple's 30-pin connector, as opposed to microUSB or another popular industry-wide standard port."

The accompanying close-up photograph confirms, believe it or don't, that a 30-pin plug fits into the purported 30-pin connector.

BGR picked up on the photos posted at the Japanese site Macotakara (or Macotaco as we fondly prefer), which in turn lifted them from, the website of an Apple parts reseller that apparently spends much of its time "leaking" information about the replacement components that it's designed for unannounced Apple products.

Since the basic news is pretty basic ("iPad 3 will have the same 30-pin connector as iPad 2!"), BGR inflates the basics with essential context, by referencing another set of purported iPad parts pictures, also posted recently by TVC-Mall, for the noteworthy "microphone mic flex cable ribbon" for iPad 3. Haselton purports to believe that the MMFCR "suggests that the iPad 3 will feature a cosmetic redesign, which may include a thicker case in order to make room for a new high-resolution display."

"Cosmetic" or as the English say more colorfully "tarting up" is popularly understood as something "used or done superficially to make something look better, more attractive, or more impressive." Changes to an internal component can't make the iPad 3 "look better." But a thicker case and higher-res display would make the iPad look better, yet wouldn't be considered superficial.

The popularity of doo-hickey flex cables as a source of product insight is spilling over into the iPad 3 rumor circle from the iPhone 5 rumor circle, where for example we've been regaled by the Proximity Light Sensor Flex Cable and the Headphone/Earphone Audio Jack Flex Cable.

Koreans leak photo of iPad 3 Retina Display

And the aptly named has it, with the headline "Leaked Photo of an iPad 3 Retina Display?"

As William Shakespeare's Macbeth once asked, "Is this an iPad 3 Retina Display which I see before me?"

MacRumors got a tip about a blurry photo, posted at an online Korean "iPhone & iPad user community" forum, Café Naver ("registration required" MacRumors helpfully notes with its accompanying link, though it fails to mention "along with the ability to read Korean").

"Unfortunately, little other information was offered, but it was claimed to be an image of the upcoming iPad 3 Display panel," MacRumors noted. And of course, in the iOSsphere, a claim is all you really need.


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