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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 3

John Cox | Jan. 5, 2012
As the New Year approached, iPad 3 rumors gushed like cheap bubbly, and the iOSsphere guzzled.

IPad rumors thrive on faith. "We believe the top image represents the current iPad 2 screen, while the bottom image is the supposed iPad 3 display. Both are 9.7" in diagonal, but the bottom screen has a different configuration for the attached cabling."

MacRumors spells out the difference in case you can't tell by comparing the two images. "As you can see there are 3 brown ribbon cables leading from the screen itself to the circuit board. The small brown cable to the far left is the power cable, while the other two wide cables are for display data."

Comparing the photo to a much better photo of the existing iPad 2 display, from iFixit, you can see that the iPad 2 has only two ribbon cables. But the supposed iPad 3 display has (insert drum roll) three ribbon cables. This suggests that the iPad 4 will have four ribbon cables.

The brown ribbon cables are for display data. "The iPad 3 is expected to carry a high resolution screen of 2048 x 1536 which is four times the number of pixels of the current iPad 2, so the need for additional data bandwidth would be understandable," MacRumors explains. It's just simple math.

"No other details are available," MacRumors notes, glossing over the fact that actually no details at all are available from an unidentified, and almost unidentifiable, and unsourced photograph posted in an untranslated language by an anonymous forum member. But MacRumors is optimistic: "the increasing number of parts leaking on the web suggests that Apple is getting closer to production."

One tweaked flex cable isn't convincing. But add up all of those third-party redesigned flex cables, unchanged 30-pin connectors, and blurry display photos and you just know that iPad 3 is getting closer.




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