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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week of Feb. 14

John Cox | Feb. 16, 2012
March Madness is already infecting the iOSsphere in February, as rumors ignite about launching the Next iPad in just three weeks.

It's not really clear how JSG knows what he knows, the epistemological dilemmas of the iOSsphere being what they are. And he actually suggests that what he knows is only part of his post, the rest being "what's been rumored and reported" and "what I'd wager" the Next iPad will have. He also relies on grainy photographs with deliberately blurred-out fields that don't reveal very much at all, but qualify as "exclusive reports," as Rollup noted last week

So, what JSG knows is this: "Retina Display is a near-certainty," essentially doubling the iPad 2's resolution, though it would still have fewer pixels-per-inch than the iPhone 4S Retina Display; LTE is a "very solid chance"; better cameras; Wi-Fi and cellular models; quad-core processor, which will also be in the iPhone 5 later this year; larger battery to compensate for the LTE modem's power demands; iOS 5.1, which is a "no-brainer"; and Siri, or at least some parts of Siri.

Reading all this recalls to Rollup the medieval Christian mystical text, "The Cloud of Unknowing," which, according to Wikipedia, counsels "a young student to seek [the iPad], not through knowledge and intellection (faculty of the human mind), but through intense contemplation, motivated by love, and stripped of all thought."

"This is brought about by putting all thoughts and desires under a 'cloud of forgetting', and thereby piercing [the iPad 3's] cloud of unknowing with a 'dart of longing love' from the heart. This form of contemplation is not directed by the intellect, but involves spiritual union with [iPad 3] through the heart...."

Did we mention that JSG posted his knowing on Valentine's Day?

iPad 3's back housing will be, you know, different

An iDevice repair outfit based in Witchita, Kan., has posted what it claims to be a photo of the inside back housing for the iPad 3, and by comparing it with a real iPad 2 inside back housing, comes to the startling conclusion that they're different.'s RepairLabs blog posted the photos last week, saying they came from "industry insiders in China" but later mentions only "a source."

Apparently Fix-iPhones only got the photo, not the actual case. For some reason, they didn't ask their Industry InChina Insiders (or IICI as in "ickey" for short) for, you know, information. Like, "hey can you measure the distance between A and B?" or "How thick is it exactly?"

So, like NASA scientists peering at raw images from the Mars Rover, the iPad scientists at Fix-iPhones were left trying to figure out just what the heck they were seeing. With somewhat less success than NASA, Rollup fears, despite the Website's breezy assurance that "You can see that there are several subtle differences, and together with our techs, we are able to tell you just what to expect when Apple announces the iPad 3."


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