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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week of Feb. 21

John Cox | Feb. 23, 2012
In the real world, leaks cause you to sink, but in the iOSsphere they cause you to float, higher and higher.

Eye Lab apparently claims the display is by Sharp, that it's high resolution, that it's 9.7 inches diagonal, and that "its flat cable corresponds to a similar cable connecting the iPad 2′s LCD panel to the motherboard," Zibreg writes.

Zibreg adds the pro forma iOSsphere caveats about taking all this with "several grains of salt." And after he describes another parts reseller posting images of things like an iPad 3 "internal earphone jack and a Bluetooth antenna flex cable," he cautions, "However, it is entirely possible this particular reseller is exploiting the iPad 3 hype to get some attention."

Come on. Who would do a thing like that?

Certainly not the iPhone 5 News Blog, which concluded that the unsourced, unverified and unverifiable display actually "corroborates" that iPad 3 is in production, and a March release date is likely.

It does this, writes Michale Nace, because the photo "matches the rumors of the iPad 3's new display, and fits in with earlier reports [i.e. rumors] indicating that the iPad 3 production has been underway for some time now."

Nace swears that "it's never easy to get excited about the release of a new gadget based solely on sightings of abstract components like the one pictured in this article." Clearly, the opposite is true. Nevertheless, "it does help to complete the picture that rumors of a March-released iPad 3, complete with a lustrous new retina display, seems to be playing out as true." The unverifiable picture helps to complete the picture painted by other unverifiable pictures and rumors.

"I have said in articles past, the easiest rumor for the tech rumor mill to manufacture is a 'parts sighting,' since very [few] people are truly qualified to confirm the validity of new components, and yet it would be very easy to fabricate or doctor an image to make it seem new," Nace writes.

A lucid, realistic assessment which he promptly undermines in his next sentence: "But there are other recent photos to suggest that all of the critical parts of the iPad 3 are being produced and assembled." Other recent photos that very few people are truly qualified to confirm the validity of and yet could be easily fabricated or doctored. Those photos.

"Still, we've often noted here on the blog that, when rumored photos of new components make their way into the news, it usually foreshadows an imminent product release, since, while Apple may be able to control leaks out of Cupertino, they have a much more difficult time keeping a lid on components and production news coming out of Asia," Nace explains.

Rollup isn't certain but Nace seems to be saying that when rumored photos, which can't be verified and might be doctored, make their way into rumors which are then repeated by blogs like his own, then they are transformed into foreshadowings of imminent product releases. Sort of like alchemy transforming lead into gold.


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