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iPad 3 rumor rollup for the week of Feb. 21

John Cox | Feb. 23, 2012
In the real world, leaks cause you to sink, but in the iOSsphere they cause you to float, higher and higher.

The key here is positive thinking. "These photos are undoubtedly building a 'breadcrumb trail' that indicates we will indeed see a March iPad 3 release, which should in turn give us increased hope that the iPhone 5 could be on the horizon for June," Nace concludes.

iPad 3 will have tapered edge and 8 megpixel back camera

That's the conclusion of a Taiwanese web site, Apple Daily, aka Next Media, that published photos showing the housings or shells of the first two iPads and what the site claims, in Chinese, is an iPad 3 housing.

There's nothing quite like well-lit, clear photographs to fascinate the iOSsphere. Arnold Kim, at Macrumors, was gratified to see that the iPad 3 shell "should look familiar as it seems to be the same part we previously published."

But, ominously, he mentions that the better light "reveals the more subtle changes" to the shell. "Subtle" is often an iOSsphere code word that means "most of you don't realize it, and it's hard to tell, but trust us: it's there."

Another group of photos, which may be of the same shell, showed up at M.I.C. Gadget, and also quickly flashed through the iOSsphere, as at Cult of Mac, where Charlie Sorrel observed that the "drip of hardware leaks is turning into a torrent." At WebProNews, Shaylin Clark's story on these images carried the headline "More iPad 3 Leaks Confirm Latest Rumors," as if the photos and other information from unnamed sources wasn't itself rumor.

Wikipedia defines a news leak as "a disclosure of embargoed information in advance of its official release, or the unsanctioned release of confidential information." The iOSsphere often defines news leak more broadly, as "anything that sounds, or looks, good."

What the good-looking Apple Daily photos show Arnold Kim is that the alleged iPad 3 has a "more gradual taper to the edges than the iPad 2" and the camera "lens does appear larger," with the Taiwanese rumor site claiming the Next iPad's rear camera will be 8 megapixels instead of one, the loneliest number.

"Overall, the images here seem to match up to other parts that have been floating around China," observes Kim, revealing Macrumors' standard for verifying rumors. "Apple Daily is described, however, as a 'tabloid-style' newspaper, but the Hong Kong edition is said to be quite popular as the second best selling publication."

Kim can't seem to make up his mind: a tabloid-style newspaper seems a bad thing, you know playing loose with the facts, unlike a rumor-style Website with "rumors" as part of its domain name, but the fact that it's a popular tabloid-style newspaper suggests that millions of Hong Kongians just can't be wrong.


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