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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 17

John Cox | April 19, 2013
Case revelations, display changes, June 18, giving up on iPad mini

The power savings would have to be substantial to warrant switching to a smaller battery without affecting battery life for the user.

iPhone 5 will be announced June 18, according to a third-party case manufacturer

The aforementioned Tactus blog post also claims that iPad 5 will be announced on June 18. 

"[T]he upcoming iPad 5 ... won't even be announced until a media event on the 18th June," the post assures readers. "The iPad 5 is set to go on sale on the 27th June, just 9 days after the big media event. Let no one ever say Tactus isn't generous, letting you know this early!"

Tactus wasn't quite so generous in its sourcing: There is no mention of a source for this claim.

That's not an obstacle for iOSphere bloggers like Mark Chubb at Phones Review. "Obviously none of this can be confirmed right now," he writes, and you can hear the "but" looming ahead, "but occasionally these leaks do come up with accurate information and so there's every chance this could be the real deal."

He doesn't explain how there's "every chance" the leak can be the real deal when leaks only "occasionally" prove accurate. The iOSphere Paradox: The less likely the leak is to be true, the more likely it is to be true.

If it is true, June is becoming a crowded month for Apple. In late March, Gizmorati's Matthew Lucas, in an "exclusive" post which the Rollup covered, declared that Apple will announce the Next iPad and also the Next iPhone on June 29 at a special media event called "Original Passion, New Ideas."

iPad mini 2 causing drop in iPad mini demand

The unannounced iPad mini 2 is so eagerly anticipated that it's causing legions of potential buyers of the existing iPad mini -- less than six months after going on sale -- to become non-buyers, according to a typically brief post at DigiTimes

"Upstream sources in the iPad mini supply chain expect a 20-30% decline in shipments for the device during the second quarter of 2013 due to lacking demand in the market," according to the post.

The sources claim that "Apple has also recently adjusted its reserves for the current iPad mini, which are estimated to be between 10-12 million during the quarter, down from approximately 15 million in the first quarter of the year."

The Rollup isn't sure if a 30% decline means a "collapse" in the iPad mini/7.9-inch display market, though at, they think it means sales will "Fall Off a Cliff." The word "collapse" was used to describe an estimated precipitous one-month drop in OEM shipments of 9.7-inch displays (used by the full-size iPad) earlier this year. This "iPocalypse" was blamed, by some (such as, on the likewise estimated success of the iPad mini.


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