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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 17

John Cox | April 19, 2013
Case revelations, display changes, June 18, giving up on iPad mini

DigiTimes' sources say that LG Display "expects that combined panel shipments for the two devices will reach 3.5 million units in April 2013, down from five million units in the previous month," and to drop to 3 million units in May and June. "Apple still hopes to ship 55 million iPad minis in 2013, the sources said."

That's not gonna happen, based on these numbers. If the first three months averaged 5 million total iPad screen shipments (remember: that's for iPad and iPad mini combined), that leaves 40 million units to ship to reach the 55 million target. Even if we assume all of those are iPad mini screens, there are nine months left with at best, 3 million shipments per month, for a total of 27 million. That leaves DigiTimes' sources coming up short by about 13 million units, just for iPad mini. (Admittedly, it's complicated by the fact that an iPad mini 2 released at some point in 2013 presumably would spark a surge in sales.)

"It's not uncommon for consumer demand to drop when a product refresh is anticipated, and we have been talking about the second-generation iPad mini a lot in recent months," says Cult of Mac's Killian Bell. " Having said that, it seems surprising that Apple would be seeing such reduced demand less than six months after the iPad mini went on sale."

Just a little surprising. We probably have to conclude that Apple's entire tablet strategy is a failure. The full-size iPad sales "collapsed" because everyone wants the iPad mini; except that the iPad is so popular that people aren't buying it because they're waiting for the iPad mini 2.

People like CNET's David Carnoy, whose blog post carried the headline "Forget the iPad 5 -- I'm waiting for the iPad Mini Retina."


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