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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending August 20

John Cox | Aug. 22, 2013
Latest Apple iPad 5 scuttlebutt: Rear shells, svelteness, and Retina clues from the supply chain.

Even the iOSphere seems bored with yet more photos purporting to show the iPad mini-like metal rear shell of the iPad 5. It's aluminum, it's flat, and the edges are rounded. For some, that's been an article of faith for at least eight months.

Also this week, one website speculated on how the Next iPads both the full-size and the mini models will succeed in being thinner and narrower by being all the iPhone. And there was a "report" actually more of a comment made in passing from a display analyst who says the Retina display for the next iPad mini is being produced in volumes similar to those of the non-Retina display last year at this same time.

Whatever that might mean.

You read it here second.

__________"The rumor pegs a thinner front bezel as the source of the iPad [5 and iPad mini 2] diet plan, which should make the new models more lightweight in addition to being thinner and they could mirror the iPhone by moving to an all-glass body."~ Phil Moore, StableyTimes, overlooking Apple's description of the iPhone: "The back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum -- the same material used in Apple notebooks -- with inlays along the top and bottom made of ceramic glass...or pigmented glass."__________

iPad 5 rear housing appears in new silver!
There are so many purported iPad rear housings showing up that you could create a cottage industry turning them into sushi trays or cutting boards.

Two new photos of the housing were published this week by the French tech site posted [Google Translate] which apparently lifted them from a microblog on the Chinese SinaWeibo website.

The pictures allegedly show the iPad 5 housing in comparison to an iPad mini rear housing, which has caused some bloggers to speculate that the smaller housing might be for the expected iPad mini 2. One photo shows them from the back while the second shows their interiors. The Consensus Rumor for many months is that the new iPad 5 will have narrower sides to the "frame" surrounding the display (and therefore be less wide overall) and rounded edges, both features that distinguish the iPad mini.

"We've seen this part before, says CultOfMac's John Brownlee, commenting on the new photos. "Way back in January, the first iPad 5 rear shell popped up, and we've seen new leaks every month or two since then. Unless this is a scam of epic proportions, Apple has been serious about this design for at least the last eight months."

This reasoning is essentially a variation of "what else could it be?"


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