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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 6

John Cox | Feb. 8, 2013
"Depth perception wow feature," acronym bliss, stereo sound despair

So actually there are two things bugging him. The second is there aren't enough rumors about stereo speakers for the Next iPad. Apparently, Wolfe would feel better about the future of iPad stereo if there were more rumors about them. Welcome to surreality.

"While this was okay many iPad versions ago, it has become increasingly unacceptable," he declares, sounding increasingly vehement. "This is especially true given what the competition has done with tablet speakers, as has Apple with the iPad mini."

Like what, you ask? "The $199 Kindle Fire HD includes dual-driver stereo speakers that include Dolby Digital Plus technology. And yes, users can experience this with or without a headset."

Outrageous. It gets worse.

"Regrettably, we have heard very little about the likelihood that the next iPad will include better speakers," Wolfe complains, clearly let down by the iOSphere.

In fact, he can come up with only one previous rumor on this subject. "The only report that has focused recently on the speaker system of the iPad 5 came in January from Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller," Wolfe writes. "He claimed that the next iPad will include stereo speakers. Beyond this, very little is known."

Who is this Paul Mueller, to whom Wolfe owes such a debt of rumoring gratitude? It turns out that apparently very little is known about him either. Wolfe is referring to a Jan. 11 post at, by one Daryl Deino, whose LinkedIn page lists his current employment as "technology reporter" for 

Here's the money quote from Deino's post: "Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller, who frequently contributes to this column, says that like the iPad mini, the iPad 5 will have stereo speakers. 'The speakers will be very strong and the sound will not be tinny,' Mueller tells us. He believes the device will be available sometime during the third week of March and will be priced the same as the current iPad 4."

In fact, industry analyst Paul Mueller seems to contribute only to Deino's columns. Last September, investigating rumors about an upcoming iPad with a 16:9 aspect ratio,

Forbes contributor Anthony Wing Kosner noted that "All of the references to the wide screen iPad idea either link back (eventually) to the Examiner post [by Daryl Deino] or list no alternate source." He continued: "The putative 'Los Angeles industry analyst Paul Mueller' that Deino refers to has no verifiable presence on the web. The closest I can find is a Paul Mueller-Bruehl, Design Lead, Mobile Platform Experience at Apple Inc., San Francisco Bay Area, on LinkedIn."

With regard to the iPad 5 stereo speakers the same Google search pattern emerges: All the citations of Mueller seem link back to or reference that one Deino post at Deino did not reply to an email request for Mueller's contact information.


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