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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending May 16

John Cox | May 17, 2013
Even before summer, the iOSphere languishes in the iPad rumor doldrums, apparently having exhausted itself with hopes for a Retina display iPad mini 2, and the A7 chip for the iPad 5. But there is hope: The Rollup uncovered the radical iPadiGlasses, in an exclusive report.

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 will be released soon due to "big drop" in iPad 4, iPad mini sales
File this under Apple Zombie Rumors: It just will not die.

Weeks ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook clearly said in the most recent earnings call that Apple will start announcing new products, software and services starting in fall of 2013 and into 2014.

And yet.

"Consumers may get their hands on iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 soon as Apple seems pressured to release its tablets due to the drop in sales in its current models," declares Kristin Dian Mariano, in a post at International Business Times.

And the basis for the alleged drop in sales? "Reports." Like the now notorious report from Bloomberg.

"According to a report from Bloomberg, two of the key products from Apple, iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, are expected to have a 25-30% drop in the second quarter," Mariano writes confidently. "This is because of the decline in consumers buying the current models of iPad and is waiting for the successors of the devices."

This seemingly straightforward comment is wrong in so many ways that we can't cover all of them, though The Rollup first touched on this controversy in last week's iPhone 6 Rumor Rollup [see the section "iPhone 6 will be assembled in Apple's own factories"].

The Bloomberg story to which IBT refers but does not link is this one, by Tim Culpan.

Culpan clearly has OEM manufacturer, and Apple partner, Pegatron saying that a decline in its revenues is due to falling demand for the iPad mini. Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt was the first to identify the problems with Culpan's account, not least of which was the fact that Pegatron's CEO never said anything like that.

That critique has gone viral, prompting a tidal wave of invective and condemnation. The Loop as usual succinctly summed it up with its headline: "In which Bloomberg just makes shit up about the iPad mini."

Mariano clearly isn't a Loop reader herself or maybe she is and it doesn't matter because made-up stuff is what rumors are all about anyway. "[I]t is clear to Apple consumers that many new products are right around the corner including the iPhone 5S, the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2," she gushes. "So of course sales will start to decline on the current products because people are waiting to buy the newest version when it comes out."

The phenomenon of putting off a buying decision is one that Apple executives have acknowledged in the past. But iPads have only been available since April 2010 and the purchase pattern is much more varied than for either iPhone or especially iPod, as this chart from shows (it covers the first 11 quarters of iPad sales). There is no plateau for iPad, at least not yet: The overall trend is strongly upward even with the increased variance in quarterly sales in the past 5 quarters or so.


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