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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 1

John Cox | Oct. 3, 2013
Smaller Apple iPad, bigger iPad, mini 2 delays, and date debate.

The iOSphere knows so much about the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 that it's easy to overlook how little it really knows.

A video of an alleged iPad 5 rear casing confirmed that the Next iPad will be somewhat smaller than the current one. Unless it's much bigger than the current one. Anguish blew through the iOSphere over claims that unnamed production problems will delay full-scale release of the iPad mini 2 until early next year. And, based on nothing except looking at the calendar one year after the last iPad announcement, confidence is high that the new tablets will be announced Oct. 25.

You read it here second.

iPad 5 will be smaller than current iPad, but not by much

A video posted by a Chinese parts supplier,, compares the current iPad and iPad mini with a slate-gray rear housing alleged to be that of the iPad 5. Finally, someone in one of these dealing-in-stolen-property revelations actually uses a tape measure to compare the sizes.

And it turns out that the iPad 5 will be a little bit smaller than the current model.

MacRumors apparently was the first to pick up on the video post. 

The Youtube video itself is very straightforward, showing all three devices in a line, and then looking at the iPad 5 housing in more detail.

Here are the measurements, converted into inches:Width x LengthiPad 4 - 7.31 x 9.49iPad 5 - 6.67 x 9.42iPad mini - 5.41 x 7.87

According to the video, iPad 5 is a smidgen thinner than the current iPad: 0.28 inches versus 0.37. If this is an actual iPad 5 rear housing, then the new tablet will be about one-half inch less wide, a teensy bit shorter, and about one-tenth of an inch thinner. The screen size and display area, presumably, will remain unchanged, with a 9.7-inch diagonal panel.

These figures would fit with the long-held belief that the sides (or bezel) of the front "frame" around the display will be thinner, but the top and bottom of the frame will be very close if not identical to the current model. The new casing is also somewhat lighter. Whether that will translate into a lighter finished product may depend on whether or how Apple has changed other components, including the display panel.

For most rumoristas none of this is new, though Business Insider's Dylan Love seems stunned by the video. "According To This Leak, The 'iPad 5' Will Have A Completely New Design That Looks More Like The iPad Mini," is the headline to his post. The Completely New Design, based on the rear housing in the video, means a body with rounded edges.


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