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iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 1

John Cox | Oct. 3, 2013
Smaller Apple iPad, bigger iPad, mini 2 delays, and date debate.

iPad 5 will be bigger than current iPad, by a lot

Apple is actively working on a 12-inch iPad model with Quanta, a Taiwan based contract manufacturer, according to the resurgent rumor of a larger-screened iPad.

In August, MacRumors went so far as to commission CiccareseDesign, which rarely lets a quarter go by without a new edition of iOS device fan art, to illustrate what a 12.9-inch iPad would like while still maintaining a high-definition display.

The latest iteration of the iBigpad rumor emerged via a circuitous route, via AppleInsider, from a post at the Japanese site Mac Otakara, which in turn gathered it from a Chinese site, United Daily News.

Click-bait sites like TheNewsTribe made the necessary adjustments. "Quanta Computer building 12 inch iPad, may launch in October." 

There were, predictably, efforts to analyze the rumor. "Could 12 inches be the sweet spot for Apple's larger iPad?," wondered the headline to a post by TechRadar's Michelle Fitzsimmons

Her only answer was the iOSpherian trope of covering all your bases and your posterior. "The rumors may not pan out into the real thing, and we're unlikely to learn more at Apple's rumored Oct. 15 iPad event," Fitzsimmons concluded. "However, with an ever-growing number of competitors chomping at its market share, Apple could be eyeing some diversifying of its own as well."

Could be indeed.

iPad mini 2 will be delayed because high-def displays are in short supply
A rather confusing Reuters story, hampered in part by its lack of hard information, is sparking angst in the iOSphere over a possible delay in releasing the iPad mini 2.

The Next iPad mini is widely expected to have, because it "must" have, what Apple calls a "Retina display" a high resolution screen comparable to that found on the current full-sized iPad and the iPhone.

Reuters' story, by Clare Jim and Reiji Murai, is awkwardly headlined "Sharper display Apple iPad Mini faces delay: sources." Here's the opening paragraph: "Apple Inc will be unable to widely roll out a new version of the iPad Mini with a high-resolution retina' display this month, people who work in the company's supply chain said, leaving the gadget without the sharper screen found on rival tablets from Google Inc and Inc."

The first thing to point out is the phrasing: that Apple allegedly won't be able to "widely roll out" a high-res iPad mini. If Apple goes ahead with an announcement and releases the product, this phrasing means that some people who might want to buy it right away will have to wait. That seems different from saying "The iPad Mini Everyone Is Waiting For Will Be Delayed Due To Supply Problems," which is how Business Insider headlined its repost of the Reuters' story.


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