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iPad mini rumor rollup for the week ending Oct. 12

John Cox | Oct. 15, 2012
The iOSphere throbbed with rumors of the mythical smaller iPad. There were photos, speculations, hopes and fears.

By contrast, Amazon's Kindle and Kindle Fire tablets do offer a pricey cellular option, but also much greater array of screen sizes and resolutions.

The 7.8-inch iPad mini, if it exists, would be about 3 inches bigger than the new, just released iPod touches and 2 inches smaller than the existing iPad. There would seem to be some set of users who would want a smaller tablet but also want cellular connectivity.

iPad mini will have dual speakers, unless it doesn't

The LA Times' Salvador Rodriguez astutely noted, "The iPad mini's least speculated-about new feature: dual speakers."

This would be the feature deduced from noting two grilles on the rear bottom of a device shown in the Dickson photos (see above).

"Several photos published around the Internet seem to indicate Apple plans to put two speakers on the iPad mini, which would be a first for Apple mobile devices," Rodriguez observes. "Dual speakers are a feature that have been starting to show up on more tablets, and from my experience, they are a welcome addition."

But one of the grilles may be a microphone, he warns. So "Apple, however, appears to have put its speakers on the same side of the device," he writes, the bafflement almost palpable. "This could mean Apple thinks the primary way to hold the iPad mini is vertically, emphasizing book and magazine reading as well as Web browsing. But regardless, it would seem to defeat the purpose of having two speakers in the first place -- to have stereo sound as you watch video."

He wraps up with this nifty conclusion: "But of course, all of this is based off of images posted on the Internet that may not actually be the real iPad mini. So for now, we'll just have to wait until Apple announces the device."

They always put this disclaimer at the end of the rumor, instead of the beginning. Probably because if you read the disclaimer first, you'd skip what came after.

iPad mini arrives soon because retailers "gearing up" with displays to sell accessories

So here's the "narrative": A piece of paper falls out of a box intended for an unnamed retail chain, and the paper has instructions for setting up retail displays to sell accessories for "iPad mini." QED.

Or as AppleInsider put it in the headline: "Retailers gearing up for Apple's 'iPad mini' with plans for accessory displays"

"AppleInsider was provided with the image on Thursday showing instructions for standalone displays designed to sell iPad mini accessories," the post reveals, making this sound somewhat like the WikiLeaks event. "The instruction manual comes from a large box that apparently includes parts from which the future displays will be assembled."


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