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iPhone 5 rumor roll-up (continued) for week ending Oct. 7

John Cox | Oct. 11, 2011
The best thing about the iPhone 4S is that it means the iOSsphere can keep rumoring about the iPhone 5. And it is.

The best thing about the iPhone 4S is that it means the iOSsphere can keep rumoring about the iPhone 5. And it is.

Rumors continue to swirl about The Date of the iPhone 5 announcement, which now ranges from late 2011 to early 2013. So plenty of rumor headroom there. And now there's a whole new source of rumors: What went wrong?! Why didn't Apple announce the iPhone 5 instead of this terribly terribly terribly disappointing iPhone 4S (that AT&T and Verizon quickly sold out of preorders)?

Despite the contempt, rage, mockery, disgust and predictions of Doom that swept the Internet like tidal waves during and after the iPhone 4S announcement, at least one fan is undeterred. That would be Rob Shoesmith, who's camping out in downtown London in front of an Apple store to be first in line to buy what he expected would be the iPhone 5, which is why he called his blog the "iPhone5 Experiment." He now refers to the "next iPhone," apparently not able to bring himself to call it "iPhone 4S." And he's still there.

"Don't insult your friends in the media." -- Chris Baines, The Motley Fool

The Date, redux

Beatweek's Bill Palmer was quick off the mark. "The release dates for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are both set for next year," he announced firmly.

"The issue up for debate for the rest of this year is which one will land first and how close the two dates will be to each other," he predicts. If that turns out to be true, it's going to a long, long, long, long 12 weeks.

"[T]here's no longer an iPhone release roadmap thanks to whatever was wrong with the iPhone 5 not only requiring a massive pushback from the traditional summertime iPhone revamp period, but also forcing Apple to launch the iPhone 4S in the mean time," Palmer claims, recycling a longstanding Beatweek conviction, unsupported by anything other than Apple's past product announcement dates. Since Apple releases iPhones in June of each year, and it failed to do so this year, therefore the product it intended to release, iPhone 5, wasn't ready and Apple substituted the 4S model.

So, "Spring 2012 seems like a logical time for the iPhone 5 release date, giving Apple nearly half a year buffer after the 4S launch," according to Palmer. But there's a problem. "Apple has launched each of the two iPad generations in the spring. That places the third iPad on tap for a March 2012 arrival unless something goes wrong with its manufacturing or development."

Apple, of course, would never announce two Big Next Things at the same time, so Palmer concludes that the iPhone 5 will be announced a month after the iPad 3; or a month before; or it could be announced in the summer of 2012.


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