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iPhone 5 rumor roll-up for the week ending Nov. 25

John Cox | Nov. 29, 2011
The iOSsphere is now very sure iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch display. They're just not sure who is building it.

He predicts 594 million users of NFC mobile wallets in 2016.

We'll wait to see whether Google proves that Google Wallet really is a hit with consumers by the end of next year [See Network World's Hottest Arguments: e-wallets vs. traditional wallets]

Accessory will turn iPhone 5 into super point-and-shoot smart camera. Seriously

This qualifies as the dumbest-rumor-to-be-offered-with-a-straight-face. The dumbest so far today.

The website references and links to "concept art" from that concept art-house par excellence, ADR Studios: an "accessory" that includes interchangeable "Apple Lens" and an "iMount" system for turning your future iPhone 5 into what 9to5Mac calls a "point-and-shoot killer."

"We're guessing a few companies are already at work on an [sic] similar accessory after seeing these gorgeous mock ups," enthuses 9to5Mac.

We're guessing that the ADR guys are rolling on the floor laughing.

9to5Mac is apparently unaware that the ADR image it posted shows the accessorized iPhone 5, now as the "iCam" (standing on edge), with ADR's earlier "concept art" for the iPhone 5, posted in October, which is shown lying flat.

The gorgeous mock-up of Point-and-Shoot Killer, or PSK, is considerably thicker than the "standard" phone; and it makes the iPhone itself unusable for anything except photos. The "accessory" is aluminum unibody, according to the original ADR post (which you can find, with all the iCam concept art, here). The only way to accessorize the concept iPhone 5 into the iCam would be by completely encasing it in a metal sleeve, so it's thicker, heavier, less usable, lacking even a 3.5-inch screen and having the cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios completely wrapped in metal.

The iOSsphere doesn't process irony.



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