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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 27

John Cox | April 30, 2012
This week's announcement and almost immediate sellout of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June ignited anticipation for, well, awesome stuff related to iPhone 5.

In the Great Button Battle, Apple is standing its ground on round.

Rumor recycling: iPhone 5 will be thinner, at 7.9 mm, due to "in-cell" display technology

Two overseas news sites, with different sources, say the Next iPhone will use a different and thinner display technology. One post cites an analyst with market research firm DisplaySearch. The second post cites "sources in Apple's supply chain."

The new technology is called "in cell" which, technically, smoodges together what had been separate layers making up the display. The idea isn't new and Rollup examined a flurry of rumors about it in March.

Of somewhat more interest, not to mention credibility, is AppleInsider's regurgitation of an analyst's report, by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, that calculates that Apple could shave off 0.44 mm, or a whopping 0.0173 inches, from the iPhone's thickness. That would be the thickness of the wall of some hypodermic tubing.

But Kuo also figures that if Apple uses a thinner battery and a metal back instead of glass, Apple could make the iPhone 5 thinner by another 0.96 mm, or 0.0379 inches, for a total reduction of [drumroll please!] 0.05512 inches. That is, apparently, the thickness of a U.S. penny, or of a miniSD Card.

You would be holding a Next iPhone that would be a sleekly thin 0.31 inches instead of the awkward bulky 0.37-inch brick you have to struggle with today.

It can't get here soon enough.

iPhone 5 will be released in October and you can blame 35.1 million iPhone 4S buyers

"If you were hoping for a radically redesigned iPhone 5 to come out really, really soon, you now officially have 35.1 million of your peers to blame," says Jason Gilbert, writing at The Huffington Post

You see, Gilbert explains, Apple in October 2011 released the disappointing, cosmetically unchanged iPhone 4S, as he himself and so many, many, many others in the iOSphere pointed out ad nauseam, a phone that didn't deserve to be bought.

And yet.

"In this case, however, the continued strong demand for the iPhone 4S -- which many, including this columnist, lamented in October was cosmetically unchanged from the iPhone 4 -- would seem to indicate one thing: There's no real reason for Apple to radically redesign the iPhone, nor is there any pressure for Apple to rush out with an updated iPhone," Gilbert explains.

"Now, if you were Apple -- walk down this imagination alley with me -- and sales of the iPhone 4S were still so astronomically high, especially in emerging markets where the phone was just released months ago: Would you be hurrying to get out a new iPhone in three months?" Gilbert asks, rhetorically.


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