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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 27

John Cox | April 30, 2012
This week's announcement and almost immediate sellout of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June ignited anticipation for, well, awesome stuff related to iPhone 5.

But just in case you're unsure, he tells you. "No, you wouldn't. You would be happy to ride out these strong sales as long as you could. You would be happy to wait until the iPhone's natural life cycle (one year) had run. You would be patient, and let the money shower over your head, and you would laugh, and laugh, and laugh, until the money stopped raining."

Apple must be a darn jolly place to work these days.

"In other words, you would be glad to wait until at least the fall to release your sixth-generation iPhone, which, given these numbers, it now seems certain that Apple will do," Gilbert concludes.

iPhone 5 will be a disappointing dud because one user is bored with his iPhone 4S

International Business Times doesn't sit around making up its own rumors. It goes hunting for them, "reporting the Web" as we now say in the News Business, which is much less of a business than it once was.

IBT found a post at the Mac Rumor forums by Arcadia310, not-so-proud owner of his first iPhone, an iPhone 4S to be exact. From his complaints, and an additional comment in the thread, IBT crafted a full-blown "story," with the headline, "IPhone 5 Release Date 2012: Apple Fans Predicting A Dud."

Apparently, the fans aren't taking seriously the rumors about quad-core processors, Liquidmetal casings, bigger screens (or smaller ones, if you're into the iPhone Nano Conspiracy), and shaving off a few millimeters of thickness.

Instead, they're reliving the agonizing "disappointment" of the iPhone 4S, when everyone who knew anything expected the iPhone 5, radically redesigned, revolutionary, and generally just really awesome.

"This seems to be a trend of sorts, as the release of the New iPad in March was a major disappointment for many who expected a paradigm-shifting iPad 3 and instead got a tablet that barely matches the stats of its competitors," observes IBT.

Those would be the competitors, mainly Android tablet makers, with their paradigm shifting tablets that almost no one is buying. The most successful Android tablet in the U.S.? Amazon's Kindle Fire, which according to comScore now has 54.4% of the Android tablet market.

Amazon sold an estimated 4 million of the tablets in Q4 2011. During the same period, before the release of the new iPad, Apple sold about 15 million iPads.

But IBT can see through this superficial success to the real truth, in fact a Trend. "Though there are still hundreds of thousands of die-hard Apple-heads, a growing number of them are questioning the future of Apple, and just what the iPhone 5 release date will bring."


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