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iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 17

John Cox | Feb. 20, 2012
The iOSsphere seemed to be nearing exhaustion, swinging between summer and fall release dates, the differences between .1 and .2 firmware versions, and wild longings for a 3D user interface.

From Feb. 9 -- "Apple exploring 3D frame-of-reference iOS interface based on eye, light location": "Apple has shown interest in creating a unique user interface for iOS, allowing new features like dynamic shadows based on the angle of light hitting an iPhone screen. Apple's concept was revealed this week in a new patent application discovered by AppleInsider. Entitled 'Three Dimensional User Interface Effects on a Display by Using Properties of Motion,' it describes a system relying on a number of sensors, including eye tracking with a forward facing camera, to display a user interface that automatically reacts to the world around it."

In the most recent post, Hughes writes that the patent is for a "unique user interface for iOS, allowing new features like dynamic shadows based on the angle of light hitting an iPhone screen."

To be honest, dynamic shadows seems a bit underwhelming.

He includes an excerpt from Apple's patent filing: "However, current [3D] systems do not take into account the location and position of the device on which the virtual 3D environment is being rendered, in addition to the location and position of the user of the device, as well as the physical and lighting properties of the user's environment in order to render a more interesting and visually appealing interactive virtual 3D environment on the device's display."

It wasn't long before the correct implications were drawn, as International Business Times proclaimed: "iPhone 5 to Boast of 3-D Interactive Screen?"

IBT writer Anthony Myers clearly is deeply stirred by the Promise of Technology. "The new virtual interface takes advantage of Kinect-like motion sensors and face recognition software to follow along with where your eyes are looking," he writes. "It could even do things like expand icons when your eyes move across them. Additionally, those same icons could appear to have their own shadows, depending on where the surrounding light is coming from."

Rollup is especially intrigued by the implications of swelling icons through eyeballing. But there's more.

"In turn, these effects would be key to things like gaming on the iPhone and the new feature would alter the smartphone landscape in a way only Apple seems capable of," Myers gushes.

iPhone 5 tester invitation is a scam: public service announcement

An SMS message now making the rounds, inviting people to apply to become an iPhone 5 tester, and promising a free iPhone 5, is unsurprisingly a lie.

A batch of websites are reporting the scam, including GottaBeMobile.

"If you received a text message asking you to be a part of the iPhone 5 test program, don't respond to it or follow any links contained in it unless you want to get spam until you change your number," warns Josh Smith. Here's what the SMS message typically looks like.


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