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iPhone 5 vs. the HTC One X+

Jon Gold | Oct. 10, 2012
The iPhone 5, for better or for worse, is inevitably the one that all new smartphone releases will be compared to

That said, iOS 6 is probably not the disaster that it's cracked up to be -- yes, Apple has had major problems and gotten a lot of egg on its face over the Maps fiasco. There's plenty that iOS 6 does right, particularly if you're into social media in a big way.

In the final estimation, however, it's tough to argue with Jelly Bean as the winner here. Unless the Sense experience on Android 4.1 is startlingly and uncharacteristically terrible, this one goes to the One X+.



On paper, it seems like HTC's latest should win this easily -- on a strict count of milliamp hours, the One X+ leads the iPhone 5 by 2100 to 1400.

However, the Apple device's test results appear to give it a battery life well beyond a simple measurement of mAh, and there are no public benchmarks for the One X+'s battery as yet. Because of this ...



The One X+ is an impressive-looking device, arguably even more so than the iPhone 5, but it has a major drawback -- it's apparently going to be available only on AT&T, meaning Sprint subscribers like myself are out of luck. The iPhone 5 -- formerly an AT&T exclusive itself -- is now available on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, making it available to a much larger part of the U.S. populace.



I know, I know -- not even soccer fans like a draw. But based on available information, there's no real way to say definitively that either the HTC One X+ or the iPhone 5 is a demonstrably "better" product. As ever, it boils down to what you, the user, need your smartphone to do -- if you're after bleeding-edge graphics performance or you don't want to use AT&T, the iPhone 5 is probably the device for you. If you want a big, impressive screen or the excellent Android 4.1, go with the One X+.



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