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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending April 18

John Cox | April 23, 2014
The iOSphere this past week wondered at the prospect of iPhone 6 with a Supercharged Siri, an all-knowing, all-doing software entity that will manage your iOS life for you. Eventually, probably in iOS 9, Siri will offer psychotherapy.

Yarrow seems to assume that Apple simply intends to raise by $100 the price of whatever the iPhone 6 turns out to be. "But really, for a company with $150 billion in cash, adding $100 to the price of its phone seems like a move that's too focused on profits," he declares.

"This seems like a strange move for Apple," Yarrow writes. "At a time when its rivals are going down in price, Apple wants to go up." But then he undermines his own argument by noting that "Samsung's phablet, the 6-inch Galaxy Note 3 sells for $100 more than its 5-inch Galaxy S5."

UPI's Ananth Baliga wrote a story based on the same Misek Note To Investors, but added one detail missing from Yarrow's account. "According to the note the extra cost will be split between the customer and carrier, with each asked to pay $50," she says. "The iPhone 5S is currently sold at a subsidized rate of $200 with a standard two-year contract. If the price increase were to take place, customers would have to pay $250 for the new phone."

It remains very unclear whether, or how, Apple will extend the iPhone portfolio in 2014. It currently has two models, the flagship 5s and the lower-priced 5c, both with 4-inch diagonal screens. Many people are expecting two new iPhones by the end of 2014, both with screens larger than that. But would that mean Apple does away with the 4-inch display completely? Would a 4.7-inch iPhone become the new "5c" and a 5.5- or 6-inch iPhone the new "5s?" Or do both phones migrate to a 4.7-inch screen and a new, third model offers a 5-inch-or-larger screen, at a price hike?

And what, actually, is strange about charging more for a phone that's more expensive to produce, if consumers see, and are willing to pay for, added value?

iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inch screen, as revealed by anonymous third-party phone cases

Thank heavens someone is tracking the trends in Purported iPhone 6 Cases.

And why? Because "Purported iPhone 6 cases suggest design changes," according to the CNET post by Don Reisinger.

"Photos of purported iPhone 6 cases have popped up on the Web and seem to show features that have been rumored over the last several months," he announces.

"The cases, made by an unidentified third-party and specifically designed for the iPhone 6, feature the same design in a few colors," he reveals. "They come with a screen opening of 4.7 inches and a new location for the power switch from the top of the iPhone to the side. The cases also include rectangular volume controls on the opposite side of the power button. An opening for Apple's logo and another for a camera are also in the cases."


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