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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 14

John Cox | Feb. 18, 2014
Just in time for Valentine's Day, blurry photos of the iPhone 6 appeared online and went viral thanks to social media and Apple Obsession Syndrome. It didn't even matter that they were fakes.

So is Apple testing out different sizes for iPhone screens? Sure. Will the 2014 iPhone model or models have bigger-than-four-inch screens? Not so sure.

Finally, Strange repeats another claim in the SCMP post, that "Apple will discontinue its cheaper iPhone 5C, but will keep the iPhone 5S in production using cheaper materials."

This shocks, awes, and astounds him. "If that portion of the report turns out to be accurate, it would represent the first and biggest mobile-device misstep on Apple's part in the entire history of the iPhone," he assures readers, with "Apple admitting that it made a huge mistake...."

The iPhone 5C is essentially a slightly improved iPhone 5, with a plastic case. As such, it fills the traditional role that the iPhone 5 would have filled after the release of the iPhone 5S of the lower-priced, slightly older model. The meme that the iPhone 5C has "failed" is as widespread as it is at least for now — unfounded. What would be interesting to know is the unit sales of iPhone 5C since its release, compared to unit sales of the iPhone 4S after the release of the iPhone 5. But Apple doesn't segment its phone sales, at least for public consumption.

So that would mean that once the iPhone 6 is released, Apple indeed will "discontinue its cheaper iPhone 5C, but will keep the iPhone 5S in production using cheaper materials." Like...a plastic case.

iPhone 6 will have a 0.4t side-view type LED
The Rollup doesn't know what that means, except that Apple is supposedly changing the specifications for the iPhone 6 backlight LED. And it's doing that, according to LEDInside, because iPhone 6 will have a larger display, at 4.7 inches diagonal, and a "much lighter" frame," which apparently means being a "slimmer" phone overall.

And another thing: it's going to be released in June 2014.

All of this is based on "industry insiders" and/or "sources from Apple supply chain" and/or "industry rumors." They may be one and the same: the post doesn't go into details about from whence the details come.

LEDInside is a market researcher that "covers the technology development, market trend, and financial information of the LED industry." It's a subsidiary of TrendForce, a market intelligence company based in Taipei, Taiwan.

"In the previous generation, the iPhone used 0.6t side-view type LED, in contrast the new iPhone will probably be adopting 0.4t side-view type LED," according to the LEDInside post.

The advent of the 0.4t side view LED is exciting news no doubt (and would have been positively thrilling but for the use of "probably") if you believe the industry insiders, sources from the Apple supply chain and industry rumors.


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