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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 14

John Cox | Feb. 18, 2014
Just in time for Valentine's Day, blurry photos of the iPhone 6 appeared online and went viral thanks to social media and Apple Obsession Syndrome. It didn't even matter that they were fakes.

TechRadar's J. Rogerson puts this revelation in terms that even we can understand. "While we've never been one to call the current crop of iPhones or iPads chunky little things, apparently the LEDS used to light the screen are just too big," he writes

Too big LEDs. What was Apple thinking?

iPhone 6 will not have a sapphire display but it will...or not
A contrarian post at a Chinese website called sparked a blizzard of iOSphere repetitions. The original post, found here in Google Translate, asserted, kind of, that Apple will not be introducing a sapphire screen on the iPhone 6.

If you're interested in background on MyDrives, you can check's traffic and related data. Most of the visitors are Chinese and male and young. The second largest source of visitors: the United States. The top keyword search sending visitors to the site: iPhone. MyDrivers "provides drivers download and introduction, providing the latest industry news, the latest IT hardware evaluation and presentation."

The website claims there is a beta iPhone 6 with a sapphire screen but also claims it is unlikely to go into production.

"Earlier today, given the news that Taiwan's industrial chain, currently there is indeed a beta of iPhone 6 with sapphire screen version, but from the current situation, it seems that Apple intends to launch it, but the reality is not very optimistic," according to the post.

Why, you ask. Because sapphire screens are worth their weight in, well, sapphires to manufacture and the yields are limited. At least that's how The Rollup interprets the following: "Chain sources, the current constraints iPhone 6 screen, there are two main sapphire, the first is the manufacturing cost increase, the second is the limited production capacity, meanwhile, is about to meet with you iWatch will adopt sapphire glass, of course, for production supply, Apple is very hard."

The website arrives a distinctly downbeat conclusion. "As to whether the news finally come true, but also Apple's face, hoping that they will bring us pleasant surprise."

Hope is what the iOSphere is all about. With all the rumors about the virtues of sapphire, the deal between Apple and GTAT to run a massive sapphire foundry in Mesa, Arizona, hope bloomed like Valentine roses. "[E]veryone began to hope that the next iPhone flagship will indeed pack a sapphire screen," writes Mihai Matei, at

Of course this contradicts another post, the aforementioned one at South China Morning Post, which declares that both the new larger-screened iPhone 6 models will have sapphire screens.

MacRumors is taking an agnostic approach to the contradiction, dutifully noting on Feb. 11 that there won't be any sapphire screens, except for the mythical iWatch and the next day, dutifully noting that there will be. 


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