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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 7

John Cox | March 10, 2014
The iOSphere overflowed with gratitude for the monumental failure, the colossal collapse, the flop, the fiasco, the disaster of the iPhone 5C because it has finally convinced Apple to give the iPhone 6 a screen larger than four inches.

The Digitimes story was the basis for a post by Erik Pineda at International Business Times with this spectacular headline: "One Solid Proof Phone 6 Will Sport Big Display Panel on Release Date - The Monumental iPhone 5C Failure."

Pineda is certain that "the iPhone maker will surely take measures to correct the mistakes that attended the iPhone 5C" by creating a bigger-screened iPhone 6. "The object for Apple, of course, is to erase the blot created by the iPhone 5C fiasco and maintain its growth course amidst claims by research firms that the global smartphone is nearing the saturation point and Apple is not immune from the negative impact that the trend will bring," Pineda concludes.

This isn't the place to rehash the hysteria that greeted Cook's carefully nuanced comments about the 5C demand and pricing at the earnings call. (You can find those comments by sifting through the Q&A portion of the call in this online transcript or see the summary in this post at The Verge.)

For Pineda's reasoning to be correct, Apple would have launched the 5C last fall, concluded by early 2014 that it was a blot, fiasco, and monumental failure, identified the too-small screen as the cause of the failure, and decided to fix the fiasco by designing, manufacturing and distributing a larger-screened iPhone 6 to appear in the next six to nine months.

Only in an alternate universe that suspends reasons, the laws of science, and common sense could such a scenario even be imagined.

iPhone 6 will be a "massive launch"
The start of this meme was a typically brief, typically sketchy post at Digitimes, which simply summed up information posted in the Chinese-language Commercial Times.

"Foxconn Electronics is expected to land orders for 90 million units of the iPhone 6 from Apple in 2014, the Chinese-language Commercial Times cited data from Citigroup Global Markets as indicating," according to Digitimes' Steve Chen. There's no link to the original story and The Rollup couldn't find one based on a quick Internet search.

The Citigroup analyst is Wei Chen, and he apparently predicted that Apple's smartphone shipments will rise 23% in 2014, compared to 13% in 2013, even as he predicts global smartphone shipments will slow to 28% growth, compared to 40% last year.

BGR's Chris Smith was impressed. In his regurgitation of the Digitimes regurgitation he declared that "Apple is apparently getting ready for a massive iPhone 6 launch....Foxconn is expected to land orders for 90 million iPhone 6 units this year alone."

"Assuming the 90 million iPhone 6 order is accurate, it may mean that Apple may launch the 2014 iOS smartphones a lot earlier than anticipated, just as other reports have recently claimed," Smith declares.


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