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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending March 7

John Cox | March 10, 2014
The iOSphere overflowed with gratitude for the monumental failure, the colossal collapse, the flop, the fiasco, the disaster of the iPhone 5C because it has finally convinced Apple to give the iPhone 6 a screen larger than four inches.

Yet this only follows if one is making a bunch of unwarranted and unsupported assumptions, none of which are actually supported by the Digitimes post or its haiku-like references to the invisible Commercial Times story. It's not even completely clear that Citigroup's Chen is the source for both the projected growth data and for the claim the Apple has ordered 90 million iPhone 6 units.

Last year, in the October-January 2013 quarter, Apple sold 51 million iPhones mainly iPhone 5S and 5C but also previous models still available. Apple has, allegedly, already ordered 90 million iPhone 6 units from Foxconn. Smith seems to be assuming that Apple is unlikely to nearly double iPhone sales in the October-December 2014 quarter. Therefore, to sell 90 million units in 2014, it will have to start selling them earlier.

Given how little we know about Apple's supplier arrangements, including whatever changes it has made with regard to building the Next iPhone, and inventory practices, the sketchy Digitimes rehash doesn't prove or even hint anything.

iPhone 6 processor won't be made by Samsung
This rumor is a powerful example of the iOSphere's deductive reasoning.

Its starting point is yet another Commercial Times story that in essence says contract chipmaker TSMC is cranking out Apple-designed A8 processors to be used in the iPhone 6. That story was picked up and summarized by the wire service Agence France Presse (AFP), and that story, if it can be called that, circulated widely in iOSphere repostings.

iDownloadBlog's Christian Zibreg was one of the very few who posted multiple links to the sources: he linked to the Chinese original at Commercial Times to a Google Translate version of that post, for what it's worth, and finally, to AFP's wire service story

The translation result is, frankly, bewildering. Here's the first paragraph: "Apple's next-generation smartphone iPhone 6 will advance to the outgoing Season 3 launch, according to industry sources the production chain, including the 20-nanometer A8 application processor, fingerprint sensors, mobile phone baseband chip, power management IC, LCD iPhone 6 built-in driver IC chip tapeout action has commenced in late February, TSMC (2330) almost scored Logic IC and power management IC foundry order to become the big winner, legal optimistic forecast second-quarter revenue has opportunity quarter by 20 to 25%."

Got that?

The second paragraph is somewhat clearer but it begins with the credibility-killing formulation "it is understood that..."

"It is understood that the new iPhone 6 most special, one A8 application processor for the first time to import the latest TSMC 20-nanometer process, is expected to carry a quad-core 64-bit processor core and quad-core graphics processor core, and second, the screen may using more than 4.7-inch sapphire panel resolution is higher than the current iPhone uses the retina panel."


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