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iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Jan. 17

John Cox | Jan. 22, 2014
The Chinese, as everyone knows, drink a lot of tea. And with Apple's deal with the humungous China Mobile to offer the new iPhones to its zillions of subscribers, iOSpherians are trying to read all those tea leaves. But they're drawing, honestly, some strange conclusions.

Holly himself acknowledges what surely must be at least one of the reasons why Apple has not fallen all over itself to present the world with NFC on an iPhone: "The last two releases of Apple's flagship smartphone have been absolutely riddled with hope for NFC inclusion..." Holly writes. "The biggest reason Apple hasn't bothered yet is because no one has been able to truly justify the technology to users. While geeks use it to do all sorts of fun things, there's nothing out there aside from the hope of a future filled with smartphone payments that has been even a little exciting to the average consumer."

Quod erat demonstrandum.

iPhone 6 will have two or even three or maybe four different screen sizes
Or maybe not.

BGR's Chris Smith is excited by another "report" from NPD DisplaySearch, which was picked up by CNET.

Smith's summary of CNET's summary is that Apple "is expected" to offer bigger iPhones in 2014, and DisplaySearch is "predicting" what kinds of displays they will be.

"The researchers [meaning DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh] mention two iPhone 6 sizes including 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, which could have LCD displays with 1600 x 900 resolution (386 pixel-per-inch density or PPI,) and 1920 x 1080 resolution (401 PPI), respectively," Smith writes.

The Rollup loves those precise numbers. It makes it so much easier to overlook mere "expectations" and "predictions," otherwise known as "guesses."

The problem with Smith's summary is that DisplaySearch made the same predictions in October 2013. And BGR, in the person of Zach Epstein, was equally excited to cover it then, too. 

Here's Hsieh's October blog post, entitled, "In 2014, Apple Will Once Again Rely on Displays for Innovation," which essentially argues that Apple for some years led in display innovation, but has been trailing more recently compared to rivals. "Introduction of the iPhone 5S and 5C was the latest example that Apple has been slow in adopting the latest display technologies," Hsieh wrote then. "While 5-6" FHD [full high-definition] resolution displays are rapidly growing in the smart phone market, the iPhone has stayed with the 4" 1136×640 screen for over a year and a half." He predicted that in 2014, Apple will turn again to new display technologies, higher resolutions, and larger screens to again be a contender.

Here is his most recent blog post, entitled "New Display Sizes and Formats to Look for in 2014," based on his visit earlier this month to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In this post, he shows a set of tables of "display models we may see in 2014. Of course, not all of the panels listed here will go into mass production, as panel maker strategies can change."


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