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iPhone 6 sapphire display durability could be vastly exaggerated

Al Sacco | July 15, 2014
Each and every spring/summer, keeping track of all the various new-iPhone-related rumors becomes a challenge that even the most dedicate iPhan would struggle to meet.

Another important question: Does it really make sense for Apple to make iPhone displays as indestructible as the YouTube testers make sapphire seem? Apple makes a ton of money from iPhone screen repairs. The company charges $260 to repair an out-of-warranty iPhone 5/5c/5s. That's more than many people pay for their subsidized iPhones. And it's a serious chunk of change for Apple.

I'm not saying Apple wants you to break your iPhone display...but I'm also not saying it doesn't want you to pay it for a repair if you happen to smash your screen. From a business perspective, it might not make a whole lot of sense for Apple to use sapphire if it really is as durable as some folks would have you believe. Sapphire could prove to be more scratch resistant, but just as shatter prone, as current smartphone displays. 

It's worth stating again that all of this sapphire chatter is speculation, and we may never actually see a sapphire display. It's also safe to assume that if Apple does launch the iPhone 6 with a sapphire screen, and you happen to shatter or crack yours, Apple is probably going to charge you a mite more than $260 to fix it.


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