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iPhone, iPad users howl over battery drain after iOS 6 updgrade

John Cox | Oct. 3, 2012
Some iPhone users and bloggers are reporting that older iPhones updated to iOS 6 are draining their batteries much faster than before, and sometime heating up during or after recharging.

One common recommendation, often from Apple staff at the company's retail stores or from other users online, was to reset one's phone as a "new phone." But that didn't work for lcroke0002, who did it four times, twice at an Apple retail store, "all to no avail," he posted. "I have run 3 battery cycles and turned off/on all types of apps (Apple and non-Apple). Battery and heat issues still exist." On Sunday night, he got a phone call "from an Apple tech who monitors the boards and he had me install a battery profile on my phone" to create a file of activity. According to the tech, it's a software issue. "Tonight I will speak to him again and send the file the profile is creating. Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly."

One of the baffling aspects to the problem is its lack of consistency. "This also doesn't happen every time," posted another user, Grayum Baker. "For example, I was home all day yesterday and my battery worked normally. Then, last evening it started draining almost 1% every minute or two. I read an article earlier in the day that recommended Reset All Settings and force quitting all active background apps. I did that late last evening and still had the problem. I turned off Siri. Still draining. At bedtime I turned the phone off while recharging. This morning the battey seems to be normal again."

Some users stumbled on apparent solutions. TracyLynnT deleted her Facebook account from the iOS 6 integrated Facebook feature in Settings. "I started thinking that since the FB integration updates your contacts and calendar it is probably constantly receiving data," she wrote. "My battery seems to be back to normal after doing that."

Another, annafromcapon bridge, said she logged out of her Facebook app, and "turned off all the iCloud stuff except for 'Find My Iphone' and my battery is back to normal. Now I access FB using the Chrome browser. I leave Safari off most of the time (unless is autoloads when I click on a link in an email, for example). My notifications and location settings were already at a minimum. I also drained the battery and then charged it overnight. Battery is back to the way it was before IOS 6 update."

But those kinds of "fixes" had other users grumbling. ChicagoBubba noted that he was now routinely turning off Cellular Data to conserve battery. "I see many people are willing to just shut things off freely, and I can't understand any justification for doing so," he wrote. "Why buy an iPhone just to cripple it and say you only text and make calls anyway? In that case these people might be better off with a simple flip phone."


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