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IRESS deploys Emulex Intelligent Network Recorder

Brian Karlovsky | Jan. 16, 2014
Network monitoring vendor Emulex has continued its bold foray into the Australian finance sector with a deal to provide IRESS with new levels of network visibility.

Network monitoring vendor, Emulex, has continued its bold foray into the Australian finance sector with a deal to provide IRESS with new levels of network visibility.

The deal follows the Australian Stock Exchange's June 2013 deployment of Emulex's EndaceProbe INR which provides trade latency troubleshooting and monitoring.

IRESS, a global provider of comprehensive financial securities and wealth management systems, is deploying the EndaceProbe Intelligent Network Recorder (INR) and the EndaceVision software suite to improve the network performance and security monitoring capabilities in its data centres, the first of which is located in Sydney.

It provides critical real-time market data to its clients and executes trades for them through the IRESS Order System.

IRESS, global head of networks, Dale Monger, said his company selected Emulex to not only consolidate our network visibility tools, but also to ensure customers data was transmitted safely and securely.

"After a very successful pilot deployment, we have begun using the EndaceProbe INR in our production environment and are extremely happy with the results — we were able to increase our ability to monitor trade latency and network security, while lowering our operational expenditures and the complexity of our network management."

IRESS's initial network visibility solution included the EndaceProbe 7000 INR in its Sydney data centre.

The EndaceProbe 7000 INR provides the network data capture and recording infrastructure for the visibility solution by delivering continuous 100 per cent accurate packet capture.

The ability of the EndaceProbe INR to provide nanosecond-accurate time stamps for every packet enables the critical network timing analysis that IRESS required to meet client SLAs on trade execution.

Emulex senior vice-president, Endace division, Mike Riley, said the network was a critical component for financial enterprises to deliver products and services to their customers.

"The combination of the EndaceProbe INR and EndaceVision, have enabled IRESS to significantly increase their network and security visibility, while simplifying workflow for network and security operations staff and improving time to resolution for critical issues," he said.

Emulex head of worldwide sales, Todd Palmer, said the company was looking for growth of 15-20 per cent in the APAC and was on the lookout for new partners.

"We are interested in top pedigree partners targeting end-users such as the Federal Government, enterprise banking and finance, as well as the retail and e-commerce community," he said.

"The message we are getting out to the field is that Endace is investing here, we are looking to attract top-tier partners, and we are quite excited about the next 12-24 months."


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