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Is Apple losing its ‘king of cool’ crown?

Paul Smith (via AFR) | Feb. 27, 2013
Apple has always managed to cast a shadow over gadget shows that it has nothing to do with, and this week it is doing so again but in a role to which the world’s richest technology company is unaccustomed.

This, Saadi says, would mean properly entering the sub-$US400 market with the creation of a brand new series of devices specifically targeted at these markets.

"Of course this situation will push Apple to compromise device margin and could induce a significant fragmentation into its ecosystem," he says.

"This could also distract the company from its core business, which is bringing innovation to market, and as a consequence this could have a dramatic effect on its brand image."

The other option is for the company to surprise everyone again. Rumours about a big screen Apple television set persist, but have been replaced on blog pages in recent times by talk of the potential appearance of an Apple watch.

Saadi says a good option to find new growth will be in introducing a new type of device and establishing its brand in other markets such as luxury and wearable electronics.

"Apple stands a great chance of revolutionising these markets by bringing connectivity and innovative concepts to this type of devices," he says.

"The time is ripe for Apple to launch a new product line, such as a smart watch or additional connected devices in the home or car."


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