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Is it worthwhile hiring junior IT staff?

Byron Connolly | Feb. 21, 2013
Should you employ technologists with very limited experience? And if you do, how much should you be paying them?

There was modest growth in junior salaries in these fields of IT between 2011 and 2012. For example, the top 10 per cent of junior ICT consultants were being paid $70,000 in 2011 (compared to $75,000 this year) while top junior developers and programmers were paid $68,000 (compared to $70,000 this year).

According to Gray, how much of a role salary plays in attracting and retaining junior staff depends on individuals' personal circumstances and motivations.

“A junior technologist with minimal financial obligations will focus more on the long-term opportunity of a role, the person they would be working for and their own career aspirations when choosing whether or not to apply and interview for a role.

“On the other hand, junior technologists with financial obligations will need to ensure they are earning the market rate for any role they apply for.”


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